Inviting you to the Kerala Hindu Convention

     This is a cordial invitation to all those who share a common bond of Kerala Hindu Heritage, who have made their home across the globe, far away from the land of Mahabali. Even though the design of Destiny has pulled us away from our land of traditions, deep within most of us, in our elements of life, in our innate emotional habitudes, there lurks an intense desire, love, and affinity of the unique, fundamental attribute of a Kerala Hindu. That certain virtue, as subtle as it may be, is distinctly felt and often vehemently perceived by many a Kerala Hindu at heart.
     As we have struggled, adapted and finally acclimatized to our adopted land, where we work for a living, raise our families and eventually may spend our final days, we continue to yearn for certain desires which were instilled in us from the time we were born. Our parents, our grandparents, our rich traditions and our priceless cultural environment formatted our formative years. These traits remain with us as the fragrance of flowers or sweetness of honey as long as we breathe our last. Continuing to nurture these precious sentiments and observing some traditional occasions within the limitations of our altered lifestyles, we become acutely aware of our absolute responsibility of instilling some of those rich traditions into our younger generations. As we strive to congregate to express our sentimental camaraderie, our loftiest goal should be to pass on the fundamental values of our heritage to our children and grandchildren.
     This convention of Kerala Hindus of North America is the second celebration, being hosted this time in Houston. We, the organizers are proud and privileged to open our homes to welcome you all as our guests to come and participate in this momentous celebration. This is an appeal to all those who shelter that explicit Kerala charisma, deep within them, to come and enrich the convention designed to foster our distinct needs.
     Please make it convenient to arrange your schedule to visit Houston during Thanksgiving weekend this year. Let us join and celebrate our Thanksgiving this year with Pookkalam and Panchavaadyam, and Palpaayasam. We need your sincere, enthusiastic presence, we need your participation, and we need all the help and guidance you can be generous with, to make this convention a grand success.

Author: Dr. Venugopal Menon

Was born and raised in a loving family in pre-independent India, became a doctor, served Indian army, got married, then came over to America with wife and a daughter, established as a successful Allergist, raised a family of three children, was involved in many social establishments, retired, and wrote memoirs, 'My Mother Called Me Unni, A Doctor's Tale of Migration'.

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