“Be better tomorrow than the best you were yesterday; be yourself today”

My Blog, ‘Thoughts of a Lifetime’ is precisely that, a collection of my random musings on a variety of topics written during the span of decades. There are articles that I was required or requested to write on a variety of subjects, projects, or situations that I have been involved in, as well as expressions reflecting my personal experiences, anecdotes, and reminiscences.

Not claiming authority on any of my narrations, my statements are based on information I received from education, a variety of sources and publications, along with impressions that I have accumulated through the sheer process of living. And quite naturally they express my personal views, notions, opinions and even bias. I remain obligated to the many resources that have enriched my knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects and have provided much substance to my writing.

I have also included the information about my personal biographical attempt, published as ‘My Mother Called Me UNNI – A Doctor’s Tale of Migration’. Please visit


Dr. Venugopal K. Menon, B. Sc,
(Fellow of the Royal Society of
Medicine, London)